Budapest Art Galleries

(Budapest, Hungary)

Picture of the Hungarian National GalleryThe many art galleries in Budapest appeal to all tastes and contain everything from traditional Hungarian paintings to the latest in modern art works. Many contemporary exhibitions are regularly staged at the Budapest Exhibition Hall on the Szabad Sajto Utca in District V. Here you will not only find modern and colourful paintings, but also exhibitions of photography, sculptures and large installations.

Nearby, the Dorottya Gallery specialises in emerging regional and local Budapest artists, while the Ernst Galeria is also known for its Hungarian works and various antiquities. Within the Royal Palace itself, the Hungarian National Gallery features paintings dating back as far as the 10th century, with guided tours allowing you to fully appreciate the many pieces.

Close-up photo of the Hungarian National GalleryThe Budapest Museum of Applied Arts is known more for its stunning building than it is for its content, while other definite highlights include the Museum of Fine Arts in District XIV and also the Budapest Gallery Exhibition House.

This attraction offers a spacious interior, elegant architecture and a number of appealing sculptures, together with many large and eye-catching modern paintings.

Budapest Exhibition Hall

Address: Szabad Sajto Utca 5, Budapest, HU-1056, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 266 0479

Budapest Gallery Exhibition House

Address: Lajos Utca 158, Budapest, HU-1036, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 388 6771

Dorottya Gallery

Address: Dorottya Utca 8, Budapest, HU-1051, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 266 0877

Ernst Galeria

Address: Irányi Utca 27, Budapest, HU-1056, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 266 4016

Hungarian National Gallery

Address: Wings B-D, Szent György Tér 2, Buda Castle Royal Palace, Budapest, HU-1014, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 020 439 7325

Kiscell Museum Municipal Gallery

Address: Kiscelli Utca 108, Budapest, HU-1037, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 250 0304

Mucsarnok Art Gallery

Address: Hosok Tere, Budapest, HU-1146, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 460 7000

Museum of Applied Arts

Address: Ulloi Utca 33-37, Budapest, HU-1091, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 217 5222

Museum of Fine Arts

Address: Dózsa György Utca 41, Budapest, HU-1146, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 469 7100

Peter Ludwig Museum

Address: Komor Marcell Utca 1, Palace of Arts, Budapest, HU-1095, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 555 3444

Vasarely Museum

Address: Szentlelek Ter 6, Budapest, HU-1033, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 01 250 1540