Budapest Hotels and Accommodation

(Budapest, Hungary)

Picture of Budapest central hotelMuch of the accommodation in Budapest is fairly basic and a series of comfortable downtown youth hostels, private rooms and inexpensive pensions (boarding houses) offer the best value, together with some self-catering apartments close to the 'Big Ring' road and the city's buzzing nightlife. For luxury hotels in Budapest, look no further than the banks of the River Danube, where the excellent riverside views usually come at a price.

Budapest is home to huge numbers of panzio guesthouses and pensions. However, whilst this accommodation is amongst the cheapest and a good alternative to hotels, the majority of these guesthouses lie in the suburban district of Pest and within the scenic Buda Hills, and are therefore not terribly convenient for those without their own mode of transport. However, the panoramic views are often superb and more than make up for the distance.

Image of the Danube

Where to Stay

Many hotels lie around Old Buda and often feature their own private gardens and balconies. Particularly popular in this part of Budapest is the Hotel Császár on the II Frankel Leó Utca, which dates back to the mid-19th century and features rooms overlooking the Béla Komjádi Swimming Pool.

For something a little unusual, head to the Hotel Citadella, one of Budapest's most famous accommodation options, actually sited within this historical fortress, on the top of Gellért-hegy.

Aerial view of BudapestFurther lodging options in Budapest are scattered around the area of Pest and in particular within the city centre district known as Belvaros. Here, the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace on the Roosevelt Tér stands out and provides luxury accommodation with all the facilities that you would expect, including a spa with massage and the acclaimed 'healing stone' treatment.

The Hotel Margitsziget offers moderately priced accommodation and an unusual location on Margaret Island. Still close to the action in central Budapest, this hotel is surrounded by lush greenery and this peaceful setting feels more like you are staying in a resort than a busy Hungarian city.