Athens Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Athens, Attica, Greece)

Known as Europe's spiritual home, Athens is a popular place to buy real estate. Not only are there plenty of beautiful properties available here, there are also some fantastic real estate opportunities, and living costs are lower than in many other EU cities.

Greece's capital city is a bustling metropolis and has long been a popular holiday destination for people from all over Europe and beyond. Blessed with abundant sunshine and classic Greek architecture, Athens receives many short-term visitors that are quickly seduced into buying or renting property here.

The majority of people in Athens live in apartments and there is an excellent selection of affordable condominiums to choose from. Offering stunning views of the Saronic Gulf, the southern region of Athens (known as Nea Smyrni), is popular with property hunters, while the adjoining neighbourhoods of Pangrati and Mets also feature charming residential districts.

Renting Serviced Apartments

There are plenty of serviced apartments available all over Athens, which prove to be a popular option with both expats on extended holidays and those who wish to make the city their home. While serviced apartments overlooking attractions such as the Acropolis can be rather pricey, there are some great deals available in residential areas, including Mets.

Serviced apartments range from small studios to four-bedroom apartments and a wide range of amenities are available. While prices are higher than regular apartment rates, serviced apartments usually come fully furnished and include kitchens, modern conveniences such as air conditioning, and often a large shared garden and a swimming pool.

Buying Apartments and Houses

A range of affordable apartments can be found in central Athens, and prices are slightly less than on some of the most popular Greek islands. Home buyers may prefer to live away from the central bustle in the likes of prestigious Kifissia, where real estate prices are high.

Buyers need to pay a deposit of 10 to 30 percent after signing an agreement to buy, and the sale will usually be completed in less than one month. The sale is handled by a notary, who charges around two percent of the property value for their services.

The buyer should use the services of a lawyer, who will take care of payment of any local taxes, as well as registering the property deeds with the Land Registry department, to act on their behalf. EU nationals will find purchasing property in Athens straightforward, while non-EU nationals may need a special permit. Of note, all foreign buyers need a special permit in order to rent out property in Athens.

Real Estate Agents

There are a good number of real estate agents located in Athens, many of which also offer construction services. It is a good idea to take the time to choose the right company, as services and standards vary widely. Many estate agencies have highly trained staff who speak a good level of English and provide quality websites for clients to browse through before contacting them directly.

The following real estate agents in Athens offer a good selection of properties:

Athanasopoulos Houses
Address: 4 Thrakis, Illioupoli, Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 9919 203
Athanasopoulos Houses has a good selection of properties for sale. It also specialises in providing construction and development services.

Davos Constructions
Address: 40 Vlachernon Street, Pallini, Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 6041 037
This Athens-based company provides a range of apartments for sale or rent both in and around the city, as well as development and building services.

Address: Eleftheriou Venizelou 64, Nea Smyrni, Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 931 2301
This modern estate agency has an extensive selection of properties both in Athens and a number of other regions around Greece, with services including sales and rentals.