Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Athens

(Athens, Attica, Greece)

Photo showing Athens open-air theatre of DionysusAlthough Greece is a newcomer to medical tourism, it has some excellent hospitals and clinics, and its reputation is growing fast. Athens itself is the leader in this field in Greece, where top clinics are able to perform a wide range of medical procedures.

Athens has an established tourist infrastructure, with good accommodation and world-famous tourist sights. It is also easy to get to, having a busy international airport with flights arriving from all over Europe and the US. Popular medical tourism options include cosmetic surgery in Athens, maintenance of chronic diseases and fertility treatment.

There are five or six quality clinics and hospitals in Athens on the medical tourism list. The top clinics, such as the Kapositas Clinic, have high reputations in both workmanship and hospital care in Athens. They use the latest equipment and can perform liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast enlargements or reductions, among other procedures. Doctors in Athens are well trained and highly motivated, and employ state-of-the-art equipment.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

Although not the cheapest place for medical tourists, Athens has the advantage of being close for European citizens, who do not need visas to enter Greece. On a comparison chart with other European countries and the US, Athens fares well on price for health care, with about 40 percent savings over most countries. The Greek capital also has many tourist attractions, and the nearby Greek islands are perfect for recuperation in the sun.

Medical Procedures

Many procedures are available to medical tourists, with cosmetic surgery in Athens being the number one treatment option. Cosmetic dental work in Athens and in vitro fertilisation are also popular, and prices are much cheaper than in the UK, for example. Ongoing care for chronic diseases - like heart diseases and diabetes - is also on hand, while alternative medical treatments are equally affordable.


Cosmetic procedures are the main treatment options of medical tourists in Athens, with significant discounts over the likes of treatments in the UK. Rhinoplasty is the most sought-after procedure, along with facelifts and breast augmentation. All are around 30 to 40 percent cheaper than in the UK and the US, respectively.

The Kapositas Plastic Surgery Clinic is the top facility for medical tourism in Athens, and in Greece. Dr. Nodas Kapositas is well-known in the world of cosmetic surgery and has performed a multitude of successful operations. Kapositas is especially noted for its attention to detail and for its post-operative care.

'Surgery in Greece' is another top private medical centre with two local clinics and even easier prices than Kapositas. It also specialises in plastic surgery and is competent in cosmetic dental surgery and hand surgery. Euroclinic Athens has three clinics and can perform a broad range of treatments for medical tourists.