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La Grosse Cloche - more than just a big clock
The La Grosse Cloche is actually the remaining belfry of the old city hall and when you first set eyes on this tower it is quite a surprise - a really big and imposing structure. I took a lot of photographs. The belfry has two circular towers which are around 40 metres in height. The bells were historically rang to warn the residents of the city of any fires. La Grosse Cloche is near to the Cours Victor Hugo and really rather hard to miss!
Posted on 19/12/2007 by Tilda

The Pont de Pierre Bridge
The Pont de Pierre is a really historic bridge in Bordeaux and well worth checking out. It is almost 200 years old and was actually the very first bridge ever to span the River Garonne. Due to the very strong currents and fast flowing nature of the Garonne, the building of this bridge was considered to major achievement, although today is really rather taken for granted.
Posted on 31/8/2007 by C. Clarke

Visit the Grand Theatre
Inaugurated in the spring of 1780, the Grand Theatre is a beautiful building and was recently restored in the early 1990s. An interesting fact is that this is actually Europe's oldest opera house with an original wooden framework. The 12 Corinthian columns are the front sure do make this appear very Greek and almost right out of Athens, rather than the architecture being classically French.
Posted on 6/4/2007 by B.J., UK

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