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Visiting the National Marine Aquarium
Don't go to the National Marine Aquarium on a rainy day. We did and it was absolutely cram packed, huge queues outside and crowds inside. When I was buying the tickets, the guy on the desk said that it had been really quiet the day before, and that when it rains, this is where everyone visiting Plymouth always goes. It was very impressive, although it really was too busy to enjoy properly. The main tank was enormous and like a cinema screen, with a very theatrical setting and lots of seats. There was also a nice outdoor play area with submarine for children. There were a few tropical tanks, but as the name suggests, this is really marine fish and creatures only.
Posted on 2/2/2008 by Ruby Fields

Shopping around the Barbican
I spent an hour or two wandering around the Barbican and found some really interesting little shops and some nice looking public houses. This is a historical part of Plymouth and some of the buildings are quite special, dating as far back as the Elizabethan era.
Posted on 23/6/2007 by W.C. Walsh

Barbican Waterfront
The Barbican is around a ten minute walk to the south of Plymouth city centre. The streets and buildings and very old and most people come here to eat and drink, and to enjoy the character and atmosphere. There are some good restaurants, old and new. Wetherspoons is an extremely popular option for families and is on the waterfront. The aquarium is next to this area as well.
Posted on 10/11/2006 by Nicole Bailey

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