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Disney Resort Line
Disneyland here is great. I've never been to the ones in Orlando and Anaheim, and I'm sure they're very nice as well, but the one in Tokyo was superb. It took us around 45 minutes to get here, using the JR Keiyo line and then walking there when we arrived at the JR Maihama station. You've gotta love Mickie and Minne.
Posted on 12/2/2008 by Jack Salvador

Shopping in Tokyo
There are some areas of the city which tend to target tourists, and surprise surprise, they are the most expensive. Therefore, if you want to go shopping and aren't prepared to pay a premium for being a tourist, I would whole heartidly recommend shopping where the locals do, around areas like the Okachimachi Station and the Ueno Station - you'll find literally hundreds of shops to spend your Japanese Yen in.
Posted on 20/11/2007 by Jerry Meddlar

Tokyo Electronic City
Want something electrical, then go to the Electronic City Akihabara. All the latest gear - state of the art. Everything for gagdet lovers and much cheaper than you'll find back at home, if it's even for sale in your country yet. A playground for people like me - big kids at heart.
Posted on 12/8/2007 by Reece Finlay

Ueno Park
You will enjoy spending a few hours relaxing at Ueno Park. It is close to the Ameyoko shopping district and the JR Ueno Station. Boy are you lucky if you can make it here in the spring - SO much cherry blossom. The Sakura Blossom festival is a massive event.
Posted on 6/6/2007 by Alfie Order

Day Trip from Tokyo - Nikko
All the bright lights, crowds, cars and sushi bars are nice enough, really great in fact, but every no and again you may well find that you fancy a charge, something a bit different. We did, and so we went to the Cedar Forest at Nikko. These ancient trees are over 300 years old and were planted either side of the Cryptomeria Avenue, which leads to the Shin-kyo Bridge. And it's not just a few trees that are still here, oh no, not even a hundred - it's actually over 13,000. That must have taken them ages, but what a joy to behond in the 21st century. Fore-thought or what?!
Posted on 28/5/2007 by Chelsea Olision

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