Tokyo Hotels and Accommodation

(Tokyo, Kanto, Honshu, Japan)

Photo of guest houses and shops at DisneyTokyo has it all when it comes to accommodation - capsule lodging, traditional Japanese ryokan inns, business-orientated and even themed love hotels. In general, most tend to be more expensive than other major cities in Japan, particularly when the five percent 'metropolitan area' tax is added on.

Business hotels in Tokyo are amongst the best value and as most are fairly similar with regards to actual accommodation and facilities, it does make sense to choose a hotel close to the main areas that you are planning to visit. Whilst some hotels in Tokyo remain open all through the night, others do lock their doors at midnight, so be sure to check this prior to booking.

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Where to Stay

Ryokan and minshuku are basically Japanese versions of simple bed and breakfast accommodation, with most offering either futons or tatami matting, together with tasty home-cooked cuisine. A popular alternative to high-rise Tokyo hotels, both ryokan and minshuku tend to offer good value for money, although the city's many youth hostels and local 'gaijin houses' are even cheaper. However, evening curfews are often imposed and many stand on the very outskirts of Tokyo.

The best places to stay in Tokyo are clustered all around the city centre, in particular around both the Akasaka and Ginza areas, where plenty of elite top-end accommodation options await. Hotel rates in this part of Tokyo are notoriously priced, due to their convenient location, being close to Tokyo Station, large shopping centres, great restaurants, numerous theatres and a number of prominent financial districts.

Photo showing Mickey Mouse at DisneyAlso worth considering is the Ueno area of Tokyo, which may be away from the heart of the city, but does offer a good base for sightseeing purposes. Ryokan inns located within the Ueno district, are amongst the best value and many boast free Internet access and refreshments. The area of Asakusa is also located away from Tokyo city centre and is full of accommodation options and character.

If you are looking for mid-range business hotels in Tokyo, then look no further than the Shinjuki area, where many hotels cater to foreign visitors and some feature English-speaking staff, especially on the reception desks.

Accommodation here is especially competitive and this is reflected in the prices. Further hotels can be found around the Shibuya district, the Odaiba area and Tokyo Bay, where rooms with a view are a must.