Cape Town Hotels and Accommodation

(Cape Town, Western Cape Province, South Africa)

Photo of beachfront lodgingWhatever you're looking to get out of your visit to Cape Town, there's sure to be the perfect accommodation to match your needs. If your itinerary is based on seeing the historic city centre sights, then there are plenty of hotels, guesthouses and hostels within the City Bowl, Gardens and Waterfront districts to suit all budgets. If you're more attracted to beach life or are interested in hiking your way around the Cape Peninsula, then it's best to settle for accommodation and lodging in Cape Town's southern suburbs.

The main school holidays in Cape Town are from mid-December to the end of January. During these busy summer months, hotels can fill up fast, so it's well worth booking ahead as far as possible.

Picture of the Middle Harbour

Where to Stay

For those who want to stay at the heart of Cape Town, there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from within the City Bowl.

These range from hotels with more than a hint of urban chic, to smaller guest houses that offer comfortable accommodation and are usually good value for money. Visitors can enjoy a taste of the good life at the luxurious Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel, attached to the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Harbourfront imageThe city's 'Waterfront' area is also a popular place to stay and offers a good base to get around the city. Some hotels in this neighbourhood are rather expensive. Cape Grace, for example, was where Bill Clinton stayed during his visit to Cape Town. On the other hand, if you choose carefully, it is possible to find less pricey options. Of course, any rooms that have a view of Table Mountain do come at a premium price.

Visitors who want to stay out of the city centre but not so far that transport becomes a problem could opt for the tranquil Gardens District and surrounding suburbs. Boutique hotels abound in this part of Cape Town, ranging from ultra-stylish to colourful and charming. Visitors who are looking to keep to a budget won't be disappointed either, as a number of hostel and backpacker guesthouses combine value for money with rather chic interior decoration.

Elevated city viewGreen Point is another good option if you would prefer to stay out of the busy centre but want to be able to access the major sights easily. From backpacker hostels to charming Victorian guesthouses, it's worth checking out whether your chosen place to stay offers self-catering facilities too as these can also help keep holiday budgets in check.

Cape Town's beachside suburbs offer a wide range of accommodation, from old-fashioned budget hotels and hostels to contemporary-styled rooms in guesthouses and hotels. When it comes to price, location is everything.