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The Ethnological Museum
I decided to go here after seeing the many positive reviews. While the information was good; I particularly enjoyed the section on the tribes, it was ruined by the poor quality of the displays. It is worth going to because there are interesting areas, but you do have to pay to enter, and I have seen better museums for free.
Posted on 10/8/2015 by NacMacFeegle

Re. The best museum in Addis Ababa
We had the same problem. Went again on my second trip to Ethiopia and it is all in the basement. There isn't any sign saying so though as you probably already know.
Posted on 30/9/2011 by Ava

The best museum in Addis Ababa
The Ethnological Museum might be small in size but it more than makes up for it with the amount of stuff it has. They say that it's the best museum of its kind in Addis Ababa and I would agree with that. The only problem I encountered was that I couldn't find the Lucy Ethnological items I had read about.
Posted on 21/9/2011 by P Pierce

Re. Sobering
Hello Shelly, I come from Ethiopia. I am glad you are interested, but please be aware that place can be a little one-sided. Other interesting history place is National Museum - 10 million years' worth of history there!
Posted on 9/3/2010 by Gabra

As we became aware years before travelling to this lovely east African country, Ethiopia's history has been troubled at times. It is important that visitors know of it though, which is why I view the Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum to be essential for all tourists to the capital city Addis Ababa.
Posted on 17/1/2010 by Shelly Hollingworth

As a woman that works alongside sufferers back home, a visit to the Beza Entoto Workshop was high on my agenda. Great souvenirs made by women already diagnosed with HIV. Quite upsetting at times but incredibly inspiring!
Posted on 30/3/2009 by Laura Baker