Boston Life and Travel Tips

(Boston, Massachusetts - MA, USA)

Downtown Boston at night


Tipping is more or less compulsory, with waiters in restaurants and taxi drivers usually being given a 10 or 20 % gratuity or thereabouts. Hotel staff, such as luggage handlers and porters happily accept a tip of one or two US dollars. Generally, no other public service workers expect tips.


English is the most commonly spoken language in America. There are countless ways to say the same thing in the English language, so, in most cases, don't worry about trying to think of an alternative.

Places of Worship

New England was founded on a strongly Protestant base, but today most religions have a presence. Newspapers generally list times of services for the main denominations. However, this cosmopolitan city also has mosques, temples and chapels and synagogues.


Most pharmacies are open from at least 09:00 until 18:00. Drugstores will usually open until 21:00 and these do have a pharmacy counter for dispensing prescriptions. Drugstores are like mini-supermarkets, with a wide range of products on sale.