Molokai Shopping and Districts

(Molokai, Hawaii - HI, USA)

Photo of local stores in KaunakakaiIf you are intending to spend time shopping on Molokai, then it is quite likely that you will find what you are after. Tourists shopping for souvenirs in their time on Molokai will be able to choose from dancing 'hula' girls and table lamps, carved wooden figurines, beach wear and sarongs, colourful mugs, fun salt and pepper pots, shark's tooth necklaces, decorated coconut shells, and ornate wooden jewellery boxes, amongst many other offerings.

Most shops on Molokai are open between the hours of 08:30 until 18:00 (or later) Monday to Saturday. The shopping hours on Sundays is much shorter, with shops closing as early as 14:00 in the afternoon, and some choose not to open at all on this more leisurely day.

Picture of island shopping complex

Where to Shop

As the largest town on Molokai, it will come as no surprise that Molokai contains the biggest selection of shopping opportunities.

Located on the Ala Malama Street, the Friendly Market is actually the island's premier grocery store and is generally well-stocked, with most goods that any holidaymaker could require, especially if you are planning a picnic or self-catering. Nearby is Misaki's, a further grocery store which is reputed to by the most historic store of its kind on the whole of Molokai.

View of storesAlso within Kaunakakai is the town's very own shopping mall, which is known as the Molokai Centre and situated alongside the American Savings Bank.

The complex is a fairly new addition to the town and features traditional wood and stone architecture, which is shaded by large trees and palms. Outside, the spacious courtyard has become a popular meeting place for both local Hawaiians and tourists alike.