Molokai Restaurants and Dining

(Molokai, Hawaii - HI, USA)

Photo of beachfront dining with a viewThe dining scene present on Molokai is very present and Hawaii cuisine is distinctly, fresh, flavoursome and tropical. Tuna is widespread across restaurants on Molokai, with favourites including 'ahi' (yellowfin tuna), 'aku' (skipjack tuna) and also 'tombo' (albacore tuna), serves as either 'sashimi' (raw chunks in the Japanese style), or as grilled steaks.

Also very popular at island restaurants is barbecued 'kajiki' (Pacific blue marlin), and 'onaga' (red snapper), which generally comes poached with a rich sauce. Dining venues on Molokai also favour swordfish, and its firm meaty texture lends itself to stir fries or similar dishes.

Picture of al fresco diners on the beachfront

Where to Eat

Although the island is by no means flooded with restaurants, finding a good place to eat out is not usually a problem. Fine dining is noticeably at its most plentiful within Kaunakakai, to largest town on Molokai.

Kaunakakai is home to a good selection of informal eateries, Ala Malama Street, Kamoi Street, Makaena Place, Puali Street, Wharf Road and also along the Kamehameha V Highway, close to the harbor and oceanfront.

Coastal view from local eateryThere are also a number of popular bakeries, pizzerias, and sandwich shop in the Kaunakakai area of Molokai, and even rather surprisingly, a branch of KFC.

Further restaurants on Molokai are to be found around the western coast, within the village of Maunaloa and the busy tourist resort of Kaluakoi, where fine dining is most likely to be found in and around the main hotels. Always popular with tourists, look out for the cocktail hour.