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Re. Cowboy-like life on Hawaii
Hello, I am from Peru. I want to recommend Pali coast too if you like mountain and cliff. These are the highest seacliffs of the planet Earth and the coastline is around 14 miles long.
Posted on 29/3/2011 by Mateo

Cowboy-like life on Hawaii
I signed up for the mule ride that goes down a cliff of 1800 ft to the Kalaupapa Peninsula. This was definitely an experience and something that I hadn't done before but would recommend to all others. The starting point is only a couple of miles from the centre of Molokai.
Posted on 20/1/2011 by Jimmy Clifton

The long beach
I failed to find a quiet spot at Papohaku Beach, even though it is three miles long. I did go on a weekend though and it is a beautiful beach that the locals love flocking to. It would have been great to find some accommodation close-by.
Posted on 21/7/2010 by Elizabeth Bankham

The three mile beach
Some of the hotels there can be very full or expensive. If you aren't too fussy, you could buy a tent and use the campsite on the Three Mile Beach. Very safe.
Posted on 12/11/2010 by Mina

Once a leper colony now a tourist attraction
Yes, that's what I said. The Kalaupapa National Historical Park used to a be leper colony but is now a great outdoor area and historical centre that is well-run. There are great hikes but it is said that you must be part of one of the tours to get the full benefit from this attraction.
Posted on 12/12/2009 by Nat Fischer