Colorado Springs Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Colorado Springs, Colorado - CO, USA)

Scenic photo of the Garden of the GodsLying smack in the center of the state, Colorado Springs, the state's number two city, is a bit of an expensive place to buy and rent houses and apartments, on account of its fabulous locale under the guise of the Rockies. The city is flanked by outstanding scenery and is especially popular with outdoor types.

Colorado Springs is also surrounded by other places of interest, such as the historic town of Manitou Springs, just west of town. In addition, there are some stunning national parks and plenty of scope for getting active on the ski slopes and rivers.

Prices in Colorado Springs for houses and apartments vary wildly depending on the part of town you look at. The southwest is without doubt the most expensive, with some of the highest priced property in the city, while the southeast and north is a lot easier going on the wallet. Of note, prices tanked after the economic meltdown but are on the rise again, meaning that the chance of bargains is high.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments in Colorado Springs are generally expensive, as they are usually the domain of the skiing and corporate fraternity and fill easily. That said, if you look out of town you can often find relatively good deals. Prices are certainly comparable with hotels of a similar comfort level.

Lease options usually go from three to 12 months, with monthly deals tough to get. You can expect deluxe facilities, such as well turned out kitchens and bathrooms, TVs and DVDs, and maid service. Downtown and southwest Colorado Springs are the most pricey areas, along with nearby Manitou Springs.

Buying Apartments and Houses

While prices in Colorado Springs for apartments and houses are quite steep, the likes of nearby Manitou Springs and Gleneagle are more so. East Colorado Springs and Northgate are among the cheapest areas and are on the up.

There are no restrictions for foreigners to buy here, but you should check ahead regarding mortgages and especially insurance. Completion times are reasonable and the various fees add up to around seven percent of the property price.

Real Estate Agents

Colorado Springs has lots of real estate agents and most of them are online. Use commonsense when choosing one - be sure they have years of experience in the field and area, have a registered office in Colorado Springs, and a decent portfolio. American estate agents are duty-bound to look after their clients' best interests.

Check out the following Colorado Springs realtors and real estate agents:

New Home Connection
Address: 1307 Aeroplaza Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado CO, 80916, USA
Tel: +1 719 593 0593
Email: via website
New Home Connection deal in resale homes in and around Colorado Springs and offer relocation assistance.

Realteam Real Estate Center, Inc.
Address: 4390 North Academy Boulevard, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, Colorado CO, 80918, USA
Tel: +1 719 339 9671
Email: via website
Realteam Real Estate Center has a suite of tools on their easy to navigate website to aid the buyer and seller in this area.

Colorado Springs Area Real Estate
Address: 5590 North Academy Boulevard, Colorado Springs, Colorado CO, 80918, USA
Tel: +1 719 593 2963
Experts in local real estate, Colorado Springs Area Real Estate have properties in all areas of the city.