Colorado Springs Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Colorado Springs, Colorado - CO, USA)

Colorado Springs is the second-largest city in Colorado and is divided into several distinct districts and locations. Famed for the stunning natural beauty of Pikes Peak and the magical aura of the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs is surrounded by exquisite natural scenery. Colorado Springs was originally founded as a resort town with the extension of the railway across the Great Plains and visitors are in for something special upon a visit here.

Nowadays, Colorado Springs boasts something for everyone, including a huge range of cultural attractions. Many excellent museums and galleries can be found in the downtown district of Colorado Springs and the well preserved Victorian buildings of the Old District to the historic Manitou Springs offer unbeatable outdoor sights, activities and some of the tastiest cuisine in the state.

Downtown District

The downtown district of Colorado Springs has undergone extensive improvements and renovations over the last couple of decades and is now an attractive and exciting part of the city. With excellent views of the Peak, visitors to downtown Colorado Springs can explore numerous specialty shops, learn about the city's history through several museums and historic landmarks, take in some fine artwork both on the streets, and enjoy first class dining and nightlife.

Manitou Springs

Although now engulfed by Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs is actually a separate, self governed town, legendary for its mineral springs as well as its laid back atmosphere, streets of quaint Victorian homes and burgeoning arts scene. Located to the west of the downtown district and at the base of the towering Pikes Peak, this area of Colorado Springs has been attracting visitors for over a century and is one of the country's largest National Historic Districts.

Old Colorado City District

This historic district is situated in between downtown and Manitou Springs, along Colorado Avenue between 21st and 31st streets. Old Colorado City's district predates the modern metropolis of Colorado Springs and was once a den of drinking, gambling and prostitution. The district is now an attractive spot filled with a variety of shops, galleries and restaurants.