Sacramento Restaurants and Dining

(Sacramento, California - CA, USA)

Sacramento is loaded with typical all-American fast-food joints, diners and dining options, but there is far more to this unassuming and laid-back city in the cuisine department than you may think. With a multitude of different ethnic backgrounds residing in Sacramento, you will be spoiled for choice with the sheer number and quality of international restaurants. J Street contains the bulk of downtown eateries and restaurants in the city.

Opening Hours

In the mainly business area of downtown, most of the cafés and fast-food joints open early for commuters wanting to pick up a quick bite to eat, while ubiquitous diners often open 24 hours per day. Sacramento's restaurants generally open their doors at 11:00 for lunch and again at 16:00 or 16:30 for dinner and closing at 21:00 or 22:00. Shopping centers remain open throughout the day, as do their restaurants.

Wine and Beer

Downtown is the place to go for drinking and restaurants in Sacramento and with the nearby Napa Valley being popular wine country, you will find some irresistible bouquets here to boot. Other wine areas around Sacramento include El Dorado and Amador counties, where some fine vintages are turned out. There are also plentiful brewpubs in the city for those who prefer beer; however, Sacramento residents' favorite tipple is wine.


You can get all day, all-you-can-eat breakfasts at many 24-hour diners scattered around the city and there are also plenty of coffee shops where you can enjoy a light starter. The Old Sacramento and downtown areas are awash with restaurants that cater for breakfast goers and prices here are reasonable, with the Cornerstone Restaurant on J Street being a firm favorite.


Those looking for brunch and lunchtime venues in Sacramento would do well to start their search for a suitable venue in downtown or Old Sacramento, while Downtown Plaza and Arden Fair Mall in Eastern Sacramento are also ideal lunch spots. The range of eateries and restaurants in each of the Sacramento's districts is astounding, from casual pasta houses and pizzerias to sophisticated and elegant establishments where businessmen close deals.


There are some wonderful dining spots in the city, with Front Street of Old Sacramento providing some great choices with fantastic river views. Additionally, evening dining and river cruises are also extremely popular. Other areas to head for are restored North Sacramento, while the streets around Capitol Park in downtown have some wonderfully atmospheric establishments and restaurants, set among the leafy, historic roads.