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(Callao, Peru)

Aerial view of Callao cityscapeWidely considered by most to be something of a coastal suburb of Lima, Callao is in fact very much a city in its own right, although cannot help but be overshadowed by its proximity to the capital of Peru. Nevertheless, the tourism infrastructure of Callao is well developed and the allure of the surrounding sandy beaches is self-evident.

Callao is just a matter of minutes away from Lima and its endless tourist attractions, and many choose to base themselves here. The city is actually part of the Lima Metropolitan Area and lies next to the Pacific Ocean, which borders its westerly coast. Tourist information is most easy to come by in nearby Lima, although Callao is certainly not difficult to find your way around, with its districts of Bellavista, Carmen de la Legua Reynoso, La Perla and Ventanilla all having much to offer visitors and holiday makers.

Picture of Callao city centre

Callao Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

The main tourist attractions of Callao tend to relate to its coastline and in particular, the beaches within the La Punta area of the city are always popular during the summer season, being highly suitable for sunbathing, swimming and even some water sports, such as water skiing. Visitors also enjoy hanging out around the city's port, the Puerto del Callao, which is always a hive of activity and home to a number of excellent seafood restaurants. Close to the port itself are a series of small islands, such as the Isla El Frontón, Cavinzas, Palomino and San Lorenzo, and scenic pleasure cruises are usually available to these islands most days. More information about Callao Tourist Attractions.

Photo of the Plaza Central areaAlthough its strong relationship with the neighbouring city of Lima is undeniable, Callao boasts a number of important historical sites and an individual character all of its own. The Castillo de Real Felipe fortress (Fortaleza del Real Felipe) is one of the most eye-catching and dates back more than 250 years, being used to guard the city against possible attacking pirates. Other imposing sites include monuments to both Miguel Grau and Simon Bolivar, as well as the National University of Callao, which has served the city well since the mid-sixties. More information about Callao Landmarks and Monuments.

Beachfront photoTourists wishing to learn a little more about the history of Callao and Lima will find that the city's two museums contain all kinds of information relating to the region's past. The Military Museum (Museo del Ejército) on the Plaza de la Independencia is packed with weaponry exhibits and important military memorabilia. Near to the coast and the Marina Yacht Club, the Navy Museum (Museo Naval) stands on the Avenida Jorge Chávez and celebrates the naval forces of Peru. More information about Callao Museums.

Coastal imageApart from the Peruvian capital of Lima, Callao is also relatively close to a number of further Peruvian towns and cities, with day trips always being popular for those with the time. Many tourists choose to stop off in Callao en route to Ica, Pisco and the mysterious Nazca lines. To the south-east, the small city of Huancavelica suits a brief excursion and is home to the acclaimed San Cristobal Mineral Springs, while both Huancayo and Ayacucho are also within reach, although really just a little too far away to make a day trip worthwhile. More information about Callao Attractions Nearby.

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