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A Lima Suburb by the Sea
The hotels are pretty basic in Callao, but it was a good experience. There are a couple of hotels and backpacker places plus a few hotels though so posh. Callao doesn't get as many tourists so that people don't really know what to expect when they see you - make sure to take a strong stomach.
Posted on 15/3/2012 by Nick Gregory

Pleasant Place
I liked the people in Callao. The atmosphere was quiet and pleasant - a good place to relax though you will need to take a taxi or bus to get anywhere.
Posted on 23/3/2011 by Gemma Notta

Re. A Few Sites Worth Seeing
I think I preferred the beaches in Lima - and yes, the Fortress was awesome with loads of historic weapons.
Posted on 08/11/2011 by Will Harper

A Few Sites Worth Seeing
Callao is a place for basic sightseeing. Fortaleza del Real Felipe has some interesting history and we went to a military museum also. It is okay, but the beaches are better in Lima.
Posted on 05/11/2010 by Joaquin Vasquez

Good Tours and Quiet Beaches
We had an interesting journey to Peru. Callao was less than magnificent, but a place to stay. The hotels were not that nice and there is not much to do. Callao weather is humid, but has some cool wind to compare. There were not as much tourists so it was a good place to go out on the sea for some tours.
Posted on 26/10/2010 by Avery Janvier

Off the Beaten Path
You can pretty much get around by taxis and buses. Callao is not far from Lima so it is easy to get to, but people don't speak English - make sure to take your translation dictionary. I'm not really sure why went there, but it was cool to see a different side of life.
Posted on 11/5/2009 by Oscar Emerson