Callao Restaurants and Dining

(Callao, Peru)

Photo taken at the La Punta beachfrontThe cuisine of Callao is obviously greatly influenced by its proximity to both Lima and the coastline, with many restaurants choosing to serve mainly seafood, including crab, calamari and mussels. Those dining out in Callao will find that a large number of the restaurants and similar eateries are actually only open at lunchtime, and much cheaper than their equivalents in Lima.

For the ultimate dining experience in Callao, pay a visit to one of the city's countless 'huariques'. These are rather unpretentious restaurants, run by local Peruvian families who really are quite dedicated to cooking. Although huariques are not expensive, the quality of the food served is excellent, and many are known for their particular speciality dishes, such as 'pariahuela a lo mateo' (seafood soup), 'tiradito' (sliced raw fish) and Peruvian 'ceviche' (marinated seafood salad).

Where to Eat

City viewAround central Callao, some of the most frequented dining establishments line streets such as the Jiron Daniel Nieto, the Jiron Miller, the Malecon Pardo, or the Jiron Miller, where the ever-popular Mateo Restaurant resides, favoured by the local Chalacos (natives of the city).

Just a stone's throw from Callao is La Punta, a peninsula area surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and home to a further selection of restaurants, a number of which enjoy coastal views.

However, nowhere in Peru can really rival the dining opportunities in the neighbouring capital city of Lima, which has recently been described as the 'Gastronomic Capital of the Americas'.