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Brilliant Museums
We've always wanted to visit Brazil and Sao Paulo was one of our faves. I would most definitely make a list before you go as it was a tad overwhelming coordinating everyone's wants and needs. I believe my favourite was Museum de Arte. Along with the classic paintings of Van Gogh and Picasso et. al., there was also a market outside where you can buy sort of different handmade pieces to take home - it was great.
Posted on 08/11/2012 by Zoe Wells

Cultural Explosion
The weather was steaming hot, but the city was very cool. The people in Brazil are amazing - so much personality and color. The sites are cool, but I got the most of chilling with my girlfriends watching the local people in their everyday lives. A must visit city for sure.
Posted on 14/9/2012 by Ollie Hyde

Busy and Exciting City
Yes, there are plenty of things to do. My friends and I most enjoyed the city tour. The tour showed us many places we would not normally go and then we could explain to the taxi driver easily. We always had a map written in Portuguese to help us too - they will try to understand English but are sometimes not friendly about it.
Posted on 19/8/2011 by Teresa Donate

Loud, Fun Nightlife
Sao Paulo is one of the most fun places I have been. We watched football at a bar in the Jardin district and danced at the local club - we will go back.
Posted on 28/7/2011 by Bruno D'Onofreo

Re. Not As Cheap For Backpackers
Thanks for that. We definitely ran into a few problems with taxi drivers taking advantage and ladies - it is not a place to be out alone at night.
Posted on 25/8/2008 by A. Hicks

Not As Cheap For Backpackers
Sao Paulo is a pretty intense place with a lot going on. The people are generally pretty friendly, but as in any big city, on the move. There are some cheap places to stay, but you will end up paying for it with expensive taxi rides. Try to get near the center if you can - also less of a safety risk.
Posted on 18/8/2008 by K. Ford