Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Sao Paulo

(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Photo showing an aerial view of Sao PauloSao Paulo leads Brazil in terms of medical tourism facilities. The city is a well-known wellness retreat for residents of the US and Canada, where long waiting lists and exorbitant pricing schemes make quality health care difficult to find.

As with the entire Latin American region, Sao Paulo offers substantial savings over medical procedures available in the US, but medical bills still work out to be more than they would in India or South-East Asia. However, Sao Paulo's relative proximity to North America makes it a leading contender for medical travellers in this part of the world.

Public healthcare facilities here may be substandard, but the private Sao Paulo hospitals and clinics are amongst the best Latin America. In fact, only the US has more Joint Commission International-approved clinics and hospitals on offer. These private facilities embrace late-breaking technologies and are staffed by highly skilled medical professionals, who have submitted to the stringent requirement imposed on doctors by the Brazilian government. Of note, many cosmetic surgeons in Sao Paulo received certification in the US.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

The cosmetic surgeons in Sao Paulo are amongst the best in the world, despite the fact that the associated prices are well below the most expensive. The success of the private healthcare sector has led to fierce competition, which means that local doctors are constantly refining their skills and upgrading their certifications, as well as the facilities where they perform.

Upwards of 50,000 medical tourists come to Brazil each year, and that figure alone testifies to the confidence the international community has in this country's ability to diagnose and heal. A successful tourism sector ensures comfortable accommodation during recovery.

The city is an especially an attractive place to recover for those who have undergone mild outpatient procedures that don't require significant recuperation. Sao Paulo is a booming metropolis with spectacular museums, architecture and after-hours entertainment. The Paulista Coast is conveniently just a short drive away.

Medical Procedures

Cosmetic surgery in Sao Paulo is the most sought-after treatment, largely due to the sterling reputation of local surgeons. Fertility treatments, eye surgery, dental care and obesity surgery in Sao Paulo are also regularly administered. Beyond this, it is possible to find well-regarded private hospitals that offer advanced heart surgery and neurosurgery in the city.


For medical tourists, there is no substitute for private hospitals and clinics. They offer a level of treatment well beyond that offered in public hospitals. The private sector also has the most advanced equipment, the best surgeons and the most versatile language ability.

One of the longest operating private hospitals is the Sociedade Hospital Samritano, which opened in the 1890s. It was launched by a group of international doctors and has gone on to play a leading role in Brazil's medical tourism scene, offering health check ups in Sao Paulo, as well as plastic surgery.

The Hospital do Coracao is another major contender in Sao Paulo. This is a comprehensive medical facility that offers procedures spanning dozens of specialties. A breadth of languages are spoken by the staff, meaning that the Hospital do Coracao caters to patients from well beyond North America's borders.