Sao Paulo/Congonhas Airport (CGH) Information

(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Photograph showing Congonhas Sao Paulo Airport (CGH)Brazil's number two air facility is the Congonhas Sao Paulo Airport, a bustling transport hub which is situated directly south of the city centre. Each year, nearly 17 million passengers travel through the airport from cities all across the country, en route to one of Brazil's most densely populated areas.

With its recently revamped terminal, the Congonhas Sao Paulo Airport offers domestic travellers a pleasant environment for their trip. A full range of amenities and a bright, spacious interior ensure plenty of diversion while waiting for domestic flights.

Since this busy air facility only services domestic flights, there are just eight airlines operating here. It is the primary hub for Pantanal Linhas Aereas, TAM Airlines and Gol Airlines, with additional flights provided by Webjet, Avianca and Azul. Sao Paulo's main international gateway is the much larger Guarulhos International Airport, which is conveniently connected to Congonhas by frequent shuttle buses.

Sao Paulo/Congonhas Airport (CGH)

Address: Avenue Washington Luiz, Campo Belo, SP, 04695-900, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tel: +55 11 5090 9000
The Congonhas Sao Paulo Airport is located south of the city centre by just 8 km / 5 miles. The suburban districts of Sao Bernardo do Campo, Santo Andre and Diadema are all close by.

Congonhas Sao Paulo Airport Guide


Cars and Taxis

Easy car access to downtown Sao Paulo from Congonhas is possible via the Avenue Rubem Berta and other direct highways. Five private taxi companies offer transport to destinations across the city. This ride can take just 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

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Buses operate daily from Congonhas Sao Paulo, connecting it with the Guarulhos International Airport, also in Sao Paulo, along with Santos Airport in Litoral and the Terminal Rodoviario bus station in Campinas.

The executive bus line Airport Bus Service transports travellers into the city, stopping at the Tiete Bus Terminal, the Tauape Metro Station and a clutch of hotels along the Rua Augusta and Avenida Paulista. The entire loop takes around an hour or thereabouts. Of note, CLK Vans provide 24-hour transfer as well.


Sao Paulo's metro system connects the Sao Judas Station on the Blue Line 1, with a bus running from this station to the airport.