Getting Around, Belem Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(Belem, Pará, Brazil)

Getting into and around Belem doesn't really present any problems, with public transport being quite reasonable. Most people travel here by plane, arriving at the Val de Caes International Airport, which is located roughly 12 km / 7 miles to the north of Belem city centre and serves as an important transport hub for Pará, offering regional and domestic flights, as well as some international flights.

It is also possible to travel into Belem by boat, using either the Amazon River (Rio Amazonas) or the Tocantins River (Rio Tocantins), while the Atlantic Ocean is also reachable and in relative proximity. Car rental, buses and taxis are the main modes of transport once you arrive in the city, although if your hotel is situated in a convenient central location, you will likely be able to walk to many nearby places of interest.

Val de Caes International Airport (BEL) / Arriving by Air

Address: Avenida Julio Cesar, Belem, Pará, Brazil, BR
Tel: +55 091 210 6600
Greatly contributing towards tourism in the neighbouring Amazon (Amazonas), Val de Caes International Airport has become the busiest air facility in North Brazil. This airport was founded in 1934 and now serves around 2.5 million passengers per annum, with approximately 40,000 flights. Amongst the main destinations are towns, cities and municipalities around the state of Pará, such as Altamira, Conceicao do Araguaia, Itaituba, Marabá, Oriximiná, Ourilandia do Norte, Redencao, Santarém and Sao Félix do Xingu. Also connected are some of Brazil's most prominent tourist destinations, including the likes of Brasilia, Fortaleza, Foz do Iguacu, Manaus, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia and Sao Paulo. The terminal is known for its contemporary design and curved roof, and was greatly modernised in 2001, at the cost of almost USD80 million. Ground transport includes fixed-priced taxis and 'E Marex' buses, both of which travel into the city centre.

Car Rental

Car rental is available at Val de Caes International Airport, while those driving to Belem will find that the city is well supported by highways and major roads. The BR-316 links north-eastern Brazil, passing Ananindeua, Marituba, Santa Isabel do Pará, Castanhal, Santa Maria do Pará, Capanema and Santa Luzia do Pará. Drivers travelling from the south and east will find that the BR-010 is the best route, originating from Brasilia. Do bear in mind that you cannot drive directly south of the city, due to the river, with the first bridge being located 25 km / 16 miles to the east.

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Buses and Coaches

Bus transport is a popular way to travel around Belem and further afield. Numerous bus stops are scattered around the city, such as on the Avenida Governador José Malcher or the Praca da Republica. The city's huge long-distance bus station is located a mere 3 km / 2 miles to the east, on the corner of the Avenida Almirante Barroso and the Avenida Ceará. Many air-conditioned buses and coaches stop here, travelling to destinations throughout Greater Belem and beyond. The majority of urban buses run until 23:00 or thereabouts, although minibuses continue their service for much longer.


Taxis are ideal and extremely convenient, although an expensive way to travel. Therefore, it is sensible to use taxis for short distances only, or to try and negotiate a more favourable price before you depart for your destination. Although taxis at Val de Caes Airport are fixed in price when booked at the terminal, those waiting by the nearby bus stop are usually happy to drop their rates.

Boats and Ferries

A popular passenger terminal is situated on the northerly side of the docks, where regular boats sail to many neighbouring islands, such as the Ilha do Marajó. Scenic river boats also head westwards, to Santarem and Manaus.