Attractions Nearby Belem, Day Trips and Excursions

(Belem, Pará, Brazil)

A number of interesting and appealing island attractions lie within reach of Belem, suiting visitors with time for day trips. If you are finding the temperature too hot, consider taking an excursion to the nearby Ilha do Mosqueiro (Mosqueiro Island), where there are no less than 18 freshwater beaches waiting.

Many locals from Belem choose to visit Mosqueiro (some 80 km / 5 miles away), with the island's beaches often becoming crowded at the weekend, particularly between the busy months of July and August. Apart from the beaches (such as the Praia do Farol and the Praia do Paraiso), Belem tourists will find that the main attractions are based around the town of Vila Mosqueiro, which is located on the south-westerly side of the island. If you are fortunate enough to visit the Ilha do Mosqueiro in June, your will be able to join the Folklore Festival celebrations and enjoy some traditional Amazonian music.

General Information

Other attractions within reach of Belem include the Ilha de Maiandeua (Maiandeua Island), which is located just under 180 km / 112 miles to the north-east and is home to the charming fishing village of Algodoal. This is a peaceful island retreat, with popular natural beaches, such as both the Praia do Farol and the Praia da Princesa.

Island tours are available, along with river canoeing expeditions and hiking trails leading to the Lago da Princesa. Most tourists from Belem choose to stay overnight at the Ilha de Maiandeua, since the distance would make a day trip too short to make the most of its attractions.

North of Belem, ferries regularly travel between Icoaraci and the alluring Ilha de Marajo (Marajo Island), with this journey lasting approximately three hours and departures twice-daily. The Foz do Rio Camara is the main port where you will arrive and is located to the south of the sleepy village of Joanes. Attractions in Joanes include a Jesuit church dating back to the 17th century, some excellent hotels and a popular sandy beach.

Marajo's most notable beach is the Praia Grande, which stands next to the town of Salvaterra and on the eastern side of the island, being around 18 km / 11 miles from Joanes. Soure, the island capital, is also of interest and conveniently close to some good beaches, such as the Praia Barra Velho and the Praia do Pesqueiro.