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National Museum on Sundays
Last year my family and i went on holiday to Cardiff for a nice break. The place we stayed was right in the city centre so we could get about easily. We liked being able to shop without having to walk to far. I would recommend going to National Museum on a Sunday because you can get in for free. It was pleasant trip and I would love to go again.
Posted on 7/1/2013 by cheadlej

Not much to say about here, but it is cheaper and less crowded than At-Bristol. There aren't as many exhibits as there either, but there is usually one free to have a look at unless it is really busy. But, when I went there, there was one minor display that had been partly dismantled by a member of public before I had visited. Be warned though, do not come here with children, as you have to resort to dragging them out when you decide to leave!
Posted on 20/4/2012 by Rhys

Markets - Lots of Bargains
There is a good maket hall in Cardiff city centre, with all the typical stalls that you would expect. The market has two floors and is quite ornate inside, with fancy lights and a nice stained-glass window above the door. There is plenty of food and snacks for sale here, so if you're feeling hungry, it's a good way to fill up without spending a lot. There is also a coffee shop upstairs.
Posted on 5/2/2008 by Ed Matthews

Cardiff Bay
Cardiff Bay was a real highlight for me. It was really nice, not too trendy. We had a nice meal sat outside, on the decking, with the bay and St. David's Hotel in the background. There is a cheap car park nearby and a small supermarket as well.
Posted on 1/12/2007 by Rose Meadows

Shopping in Cardiff
I went to Cardiff the other day shopping. I've never been before and parked at the NCP car park, which was a bit of a rip off, although quite central. My first impressions weren't great, as I went into a rather run down, small shopping centre. However, just round the corner, I was extremely suprised at the amount of shops there were - and they were absolutely huge. It was really, really busy, but there were so many shops it didn't seem to matter.

We then went to the bay area, which was easy to drive to, with signposts everywhere. Cardiff Bay was brilliant, the Millenium Stadium was spectacular and I recognised the water fountain outside from the Torchwood / Dr. Who programme on BBC2. The Bay was my favourite area. It had a really relaxed feel and loads of stylish cafes overlooking the waterfront. It had a real vibe which is hard to explain, and the car park was much, much cheaper here! Well worth a visit. We went in the winter, on a damp day, and it didn't matter a bit. There was plenty to do and places to shelter.
Posted on 10/12/2006 by Mick Martins

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