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Still wonderfully in tact
The Castle of St. Peter is considered as a must-see in Bodrum and I can't say much to contest that claim. After visiting, I can definitely see why it is one of the most prominent features here and I remain in awe of how they've managed to keep it in such great shape since the 15th century.
Posted on 12/1/2012 by R Billum

Re. Bodrum's best museum
Not too sure if it was the underwater / archaeological side of the museum you liked, but, if so, I'd also like to recommend the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. It offers more of the same and you can get a true feel for how archaeologists truly work.
Posted on 30/4/2011 by Dale Davis

Bodrum's best museum
You wouldn't think that the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is found within the walls of the Castle of St. Peter but I can definitely confirm this to be the case. Several collections of artefacts that were retrieved from the sea and other places while the attraction is regarded as the best museum of its kind anywhere in the world.
Posted on 5/5/2010 by T Tullet

The gateway to the east
If you have an interest in the history of Alexander and the history of the time he lived in, Minds gate is a must for you in Bodrum. As you might already know, this is one of the two entrances there were into Halicarnassus - the ancient walled city. Simply spectacular.
Posted on 21/9/2009 by Diedre Goldthorpe

Bodrum shopping
Aside from the museums, ancient ruins, and other points of interest, I wanted to do some shopping while in Bodrum - which is why I headed to the Oasis centre. Although it was simple compared to the malls back home, there were a lot of interesting items I hadn't seen before and they were all reasonably priced.
Posted on 16/8/2008 by Richard Fenton