Geneva Museums

(Geneva, Switzerland)

Photo of central museum buildingThe various museums of Geneva are well worth taking time out to visit and the many different topics appeal to a wide range of tastes. Both adults and children will always enjoy a visit to the Musée d'Histoire des Sciences (Museum of the History of Science), which lies within central Geneva and contains a host of old and interesting scientific instruments and science-related antiquities.

Home to an ever-increasing collection of vintage cars and motorbikes, the Musée Jean Tua de l'Automobile (Jean Tua Transport Museum) is situated in Geneva's Plainpalais district and contains a number of extremely rare vehicles and classic sports cars.

With more than 100,000 different artefacts and exhibits, the Musée d'Ethnographie (Geneva Ethnography Museum) is also worth visiting and is divided into a number of themed areas, such as Africa, America and Europe. For ceramics and stylish glassworks, the Musée Ariana (Ariana Museum) has a collection of over 15,000 pieces and lies within Geneva's Le Petit-Saconnex area.

Picture of the Ariana Museum (Musée Ariana)

Ariana Museum (Musée Ariana)

Address: 10 Avenue de la Paix, Geneva, CH-1202, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 022 418 5450

Ethnography Museum (Musée d'Ethnographie)

Address: 65 Boulevard Carl Vogt, Geneva, CH-205, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 022 418 4550

Jean Tua Transport Museum (Musée Jean Tua de l'Automobile)

Address: 28-30 Rue des Bains, Geneva, CH-1205, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 022 321 3637

Image of the Museum of Natural History (Musée d'Histoire Naturelle)

Museum of Natural History (Musée d'Histoire Naturelle)

Address: 1 Route de Malagnou, Geneva, CH-1208, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 022 418 6300

Museum of the History of Science (Musée d'Histoire des Sciences)

Address: 128 Rue de Lausanne, Geneva, CH-1201, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 022 418 50 60

Switzerland Visitors Museum (Musée des Suisses à l'Etranger)

Address: 18 Chemin de l'Impératrice, Chambesy, CH-1292, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 022 734 9021

Voltaire Institute and Museum (Institut et Musée Voltaire)

Address: 25 Rue des Délices, Geneva, CH-1203, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 022 344 7133