Lanzarote Restaurants and Dining

(Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain)

Snapshot of shopping area in Arrecife, LanzaroteHome to a number of resorts and coastal towns, tourism is a major industry in Lanzarote and tourists are extremely well catered for. There are a huge number of restaurants, eateries, cafés, bars and dining venues throughout the island of Lanzarote.

Restaurants in Lanzarote serve an enormous variety of different cuisines, ranging from traditional Spanish restaurants serving many authentic local Canarian dishes, to fast-food restaurants and more British-style dining.

Opening Hours

When dining at restaurants in Lanzarote, be prepared to dine when the locals do. Breakfast (desayuno) always takes place first thing in the morning, as you would expect, and many visitors to Lanzarote choose to have breakfast at their hotel restaurants, or in nearby eateries and coffee shops. Lunch in Lanzarote (la comida) generally takes place in midafternoon, from around 14:00 to 16:00, during the famous siesta time, when many restaurants are at their busiest.

Photo of al fresco dining area in LanzaroteAlthough a large number of Lanzarote's restaurants do open for early evening dinner, starting from around 18:00, this is aimed purely at tourists. Dinner (cena) in Lanzarote generally starts from 21:00 at the earliest, with the majority of restaurants and dining venues staying open until gone midnight.

Where to Eat

Dining in Lanzarote is often an international experience, with different types international cuisine served throughout the island, including Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican and Thai restaurants. Restaurants in Lanzarote are particularly concentrated in the main resorts, such as Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise, including a number of coastal restaurants offering beachfront dining and impressive views.

View of dining in LanzaroteMany local Spanish restaurants can be found in most resorts in Lanzarote and serve popular Mediterranean-style seafood dishes, with freshly caught fish. Highlights include a traditional fish stew known as 'sancocho', which is often served with locally produced Canarian wine. Other notable dishes served in Lanzarote's Spanish restaurants include paella, cocidos, tortillas (omlettes), gazpacho (cold, tomato-based soup), countless hot soups (sopas), pork dishes, and a range of kebabs (pinchos morunos). Part of the local diet in Lanzarote, Gofio is a savoury maize or wheat-based accompaniment to many meals, as an alternative to potatoes. Home-made cheeses from Lanzarote are also served at many of Lanzarote's restaurants.

Popular with both locals and visitors in Lanzarote, Tapas bars and restaurants are located all over the island and provide a variety of attractive, colourful small savoury snacks and things to nibble whilst drinking. Tapas bars in Lanzarote are typically Spanish and the perfect dining option for lunch. The main types of Tapas in Lanzarote and around the Canary Islands include stuffed olives, cheeses, potato chips, selections of seafood and fish-based snacks, together with local Canarian wine, often from Lanzarote. A larger and more substantial version of Tapas is available at some restaurants in Lanzarote and is known as 'recion'.