Lanzarote Beaches

(Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain)

Photo of Lanzarote's Matagorda BeachWith around 250 km / 156 miles of coastline, Lanzarote is home to some of the world's best beaches. Most feature white or golden sand, although a number of beaches on the island contain black or dark volcanic sand, pebbles and fine gravel, particularly around the Puerto Del Carmen area.

Lanzarote contains almost 100 separate beaches, with a further nine in nearby La Graciosa, a small and secluded island within easy reach of the mainland. Many boast superb conditions for a variety of water sports, including surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing. Sailing is particularly popular at La Santa in the Tinajo area of Lanzarote, and Famara Beach in the Teguise area, both of which are situated on the western side of the island.

Picture of beach found in Arrecife area of Lanzarote


Close to the airport, beaches in the Arrecife area of Lanzarote feature fine sand and a good selection of hotels nearby. This is a busy, commercial area and the beaches here provide important recreational areas to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

La Graciosa

A small island standing on the northern side of Lanzarote, La Graciosa has much to offer in the way of beaches and coastline. Many of the La Graciosa spots are peaceful and secluded, and can only be reached on foot.

View of Lanzarote's Puerto del Carmen beaches

Tias (Puerto del Carmen)

Based around Puerto del Carmen village, beaches in Lanzarote's Tias area are aimed at tourists and are amongst the most popular on the island. With a variety of water sports on offer here, Tias regularly features lifeguards, hotels, nearby shops and beach-hire, including sunshades and hammocks.

Punta de Papagayo area in Lanzarote's beach picture


Sited on the south of Lanzarote, Yaiza is based around the village of Playa Blanca and is home to an enormous selection of beaches and a truly spectacular coastline. There are beaches for everyone in Yaiza, ranging from natural stretches of fine back sand, to artificial manmade white sandy beaches.


The Haria beaches can be found in northern Lanzarote and feature the island's highest level of rainfall, which is reflected in the lush and verdant countryside nearby. Many of the beaches are situated in almost isolated, rural locations, away from the main tourism areas.

Teguise (Costa Teguise)

The Costa Teguise in overflowing with seemingly endless stretches of beaches and offers some of the most popular on the island. Famara Beach stands in the Teguise area and is the longest in Lanzarote.


Often offering exceptional conditions for both surfing and windsurfing, beaches in the Tinajo area of Lanzarote are known for their particularly scenic views.

San Bartolomé

Located in the central part of Lanzarote, San Bartolomé beaches are long and sandy, with perfect conditions for a range of recreational activities. Amenities in San Bartolomé are never far away, including a number of popular restaurants, with superb views of the coastline.