Lanzarote Airport (ACE) Information

(Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain)

View of the National Park of TimanfayaThe only airport on Lanzarote, the north-easternmost of the Canary Islands, is situated south-west of the island's capital city, Arrecife. During the past decade, Lanzarote Airport has on average processed between five and six million passengers every year.

The recently revamped Terminal 2, the older of the two terminals, handles domestic flights throughout the Canary Islands and mainland Spain. The newer Terminal 1 greeted its first passengers in 1999 and now serves international flights, many of which originate in Germany and Great Britain. Airlines operating at the airport include Aer Lingus, EasyJet, Iberia, Ryanair and Monarch.

A local aviation museum opened in the Guacimeta passenger terminal in 2002. Guided tours and audiovisual presentations are available to anyone interested in this small airport's long history. Of note, the aviation museum is closed on Mondays.

Lanzarote Airport (ACE)

Address: Apartado de Correos 86, E-35500 Arrecife de Lanzarote, Lanzarote Island, Spain
Tel: +34 928 84 60 00 / 1
Lanzarote Airport is often referred to as Arrecife Airport, after the island's nearby capital, which is 5 km / 3 miles north-east. The island's busiest thoroughfare, the LZ2, runs past the grounds and links most of the island's other major roads and communities.

Lanzarote Airport (ACE) Guide


Cars and Taxis

Driving around Lanzarote is safe and simple, especially given Lanzarote Airport's convenient location alongside the island's main LZ2 road, which leads to Arrecife and several scenic coastal drives. Taxis are reasonably priced and available next to the Arrivals areas in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

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Among the island's few public transportation options are buses, which regularly journey between the Lanzarote Airport Arrivals areas and Arrecife's main bus station, from where visitors can proceed to many other destinations throughout the island. Many resorts also supply complimentary minibuses or shuttles for their guests.