Palermo Maps and Orientation

(Palermo, Sicily, Italy)

Palermo lies on the north-western shore of Italy's Mediterranean island of Sicily and although a big city in most senses, it is quite tourist friendly and reasonably easy to find your way around. The main boulevard is the Via Maqueda, with stretches between the northerly Piazza Castelnuovo square and the southerly railway station.

Leading to both the Viale della Libertà and the Via Ruggero Settimo, the Via Maqueda is central to life in Palermo and lies next to the Piazza Giuseppe Verdi. The Corso Vittorio Emanuele intersects this street and leads from La Cala harbour towards the cathedral. This crossroads has been named the 'Quattro Canti', which translates as the 'Four Corners', and separates the main historic area into four characterful neighbourhoods, where the majority of sightseeing awaits.

Maps and Orientation of the City

Those staying in Palermo in need of a map should pay a visit to the Feltrinelli bookstore along the Via Maqueda, which is amongst the city's best of its kind and boasts an extensive foreign-language section.

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Map of Palermo

Palermo map