Palermo Hotels and Accommodation

(Palermo, Sicily, Italy)

Photo of the coastlinePalermo offers a good selection of accommodation at prices to suit most pockets. Options range from hotels and apartments to guesthouses, hostels and campsites, all within a range of settings.

For most of the year, hotels are in plentiful supply all over Palermo. However, visitors should bear in mind that accommodation may be in short supply during busy periods, including local festivals, and during the peak summer holiday season. Like accommodation and lodging in most tourist destinations, hotel rooms in Palermo can vary considerably in price depending on the time of year. It is, therefore, always advisable to telephone ahead to check on availability and price.

View of hotels and resorts

Where to Stay

The two most notable hotels in Palermo certainly have a colourful past. The Grand Hotel et des Palmes is one of the city's oldest hotels and has wined and dined some illustrious guests, reputed to include the composer, Wagner. Likewise, Villa Igiea's guest list has included royalty. Situated on the slopes of Monte Pellegrino, the hotel's guests today can continue to enjoy its elegant interior and excellent service.

For those seeking out accommodation for a holiday or a weekend break, Palermo has a good selection of mid-range hotels and guesthouses on offer. These can mostly be found to the north of the Quattro Canti district and generally offer both comfort and convenience.

Image of coastlineThe majority of Palermo's budget hotels are located on Via Maqueda and Via Roma. These have the advantage of being centrally located and offer good value for money. Whilst they mostly provide comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices, bear in mind that some can be noisy at night if located close to popular bars.

In addition to inexpensive hotels, Palermo is home to a variety of hostels, providing value lodging for those on a limited budget. The St. Saverio Hostel is popular with young travellers during the busy summer months. The hostel is a 1950's construction located near the central train station in Palermo and connected to the neighbouring church via a pretty garden. Palermo's youth hostel is located some 12 km / 7 miles north of the city centre and can be reached by public transport. Alternatively, the University of Palermo offers hostel accommodation on Via Monfenera.

Campsite accommodation in Palermo is available all year round, being a cheap alternative to hotels. Visitors can choose between two sites, both of which are a short drive or bus journey from Palermo city centre and provide similar facilities.