Rome Shopping

(Rome, Lazio, Italy)

Rome ShoppingRome is without doubt one of the main centres for shopping in Italy and the numerous districts provide a shopper's paradise.

Whether you are looking for high fashion, antiques, furniture or home accessories, rest assured that Rome will provide you with a huge choice. You can even admire the wonderful monuments, statues and fountains as you walk downtown for shopping.

Shops are generally open:

Shopping Districts

Pantheon and Via Del Governo Vecchio

The Via Del Governo Vecchio is full of may secondhand clothes shops, ideal places to pick up some real fashion bargains, including jewellery. There are also many more traditional, chic boutiques. In May and October, these narrow streets are lit by torches after dark and shops stay open late for the antiques fair. Nearby Via del Monserrato and Via Giulia have many art galleries and antique shops.

Piazza Colonna and Piazza Barberini

With a large department store, bookstore, boutiques and shops selling shoes, bags, classic clothing, leather goods and numerous other items, Piazza Colonna and Piazza Barberini are popular commercial areas.

Piazza Di Spagna

At the base of the Spanish Steps and within easy walking distance of numerous centrally located Rome hotels are some of city's most exclusive and expensive shopping areas, popular with the wealthy. Via Condotti and Via Borgognona are full of elegant boutiques selling high fashion, where you can purchase the latest clothes by famous names such as Armani, Gianfranco Ferré, Mila Schön, Prada and Versace. This is also a great place for some serious window shopping. To the right of the steps are more shopping regions, Via Margutta, full of art galleries and Via del Babuino. Many other streets intersect these areas, lined with a variety of interesting shops.

Rome Shopping

Via del Babuino

Another major street for antiques in Rome, containing many prestigious stores, including Alberto di Castro which is a great place to purchase some stunning prints. It is also full of many designer clothes outlets.

Via Borgognona

The Via Borgognona is home to a chic and expensive shopping area. This is a Mecca for wealthy shoppers from around the world. The stores are truly beautiful, many with neoclassical facades.

Via Cola Di Rienzo

The Via Cola Di Rienzo is a long, straight avenue, between Piazza del Popolo and the Vatican. With shops selling clothing, housewares, gourmet foods, books, shoes, bags and even coins, there are also some street corner stands. The street is always full of traffic and so it is easiest to walk down one side and up the other, rather than crossing frequently.

Via dei Coronari

Lined with shops offering a splendid array of merchandise, such as majestic vases, urns, chandeliers and a range of furniture, the Via dei Coronari is buried in a section of the Campo Marzio. The street's entrance is situated at the north end of the Piazza Navona, just past the ruins of Domitian's Stadium.

Via Del Corso

Via del Corso is home to a range of fashion stores aimed predominantly at younger customers and clothes are reasonably priced in most cases. Resembling a shopping mall, this street attracts crowds of both Romans and tourists and shops sell jeans, sporting equipment, clothing and accessories, antiques and general houseware. Nearby there are some antiques stores and trendy cafés.

Via Francesco Crispi

Near the top of the Spanish Steps, the Via Francesco Crispi is a street with several shops that are ideal for unusual and less expensive presents.

Via Frattina

This street runs parallel to Via Condotti and part of it is completely pedestrianised, with no traffic allowed. There is a concentration of shops, most less expensive than the more exclusive shopping areas, and as a result, Via Frattina is always a busy and popular place to shop.

Via Nazionale

With 19th-century grandeur contrasting with busy traffic, the prices are generally moderate and the merchandise is mainstream, along this wide thoroughfare near Stazione Termini. There is an abundance of leather stores, shoes stores, luggage retailers and also several stylish boutiques. For gifts and interesting souvenirs, try the museum shop in Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the big neoclassical exhibition building made with white marble is situated halfway down the street.

Via Sistina

Situated at the top of the Spanish Steps, Via Sistina leads to Piazza Barberini. With many small, individual shops, this is a good area to shop as it doesn't usually get very busy or crowded.

Via Vittorio Veneto

With numerous hotels, cafés and fairly expensive stores, shops selling items such as shoes, leather goods and gloves.

Interesting Toy Shops


Address: Piazza Navona 108, Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 (0) 6 687 5011
With stuffed animals ranging from tiny puppies to enormous teddy bears, this toy shop also specialises in dolls of all types, including beautifully dressed, old-fashioned dolls. There are also many toys suitable for babies.

Galleria San Carlo

Address: Via del Corso 114, Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 (0) 6 679 0571
This store is crammed full of big displays of toys, including a wide selection of Italian-made dolls and wooden toys, you simply point to what you want and the shop assistant will fetch it for you.

La Città Del Sole

Address: Via della Scrofa 65, Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 (0) 6 687 5404
Lots of toys for all ages, including educational toys, games, puzzles, gadgets and many books, La Città Del Sole is popular with both children and adults.