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Our holiday in Rome
Our holiday in Rome was full of beautiful architecture and our highlight was the Basilica of San Clemente. The artworks make it well worth the visit - absolutely stunning.
Posted on 28/2/2012 by Roman Holiday

Rome and Palantine Hill
The Palantine Hill is where Rome was actually born and for that historical fact, has got to be worth a closer inspection. Because of its history, there are some truly ancient remain here, some of the city's oldest and most interesting. Palantine Hill is coneniently close to the Coliseum and often overlooked by tourists. From the very top, you can enjoy some super views of the Circus Maximus and the very impressive Roman Forum.
Posted on 20/2/2008 by Valerie Viv

Visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art
Many people refer to the Museum of Contemporary Art at the MACRO, so be prepared for that abbreviations. It is not particularly central, but only a ten-minute taxi journey or thereabouts, so reaching it won't break the bank by any means. It is on the Via Reggio Emilia. We enjoyed our two hours here very much indeed.
Posted on 14/9/2007 by Mart Jones

Sightseeing around Rome
I holidayed in Rome in the late winter and it was lovely and warm, such a nice change to the weather in the UK at that time. We chose not to use the public transport where possible and instead walked virtually everywhere.
Posted on 21/3/2007 by Paddy

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