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History in Rimini
To learn more about the history in Rimini, go to the City Museum, on the corner of the Piazza Ferrari. A lot of art and culture relating to the city is preserved here, in this former monastery, within the different attractions, which include the Tombstone Museum, as well as the Picture Gallery.
Posted on 12/12/2007 by Kayla Mann

If you love this fascinating and intelligent creatures, then go to the Delfinarium (Delfinario Rimini) on the Piazzale del Porto, near to the canal. There are big windows in their tank so that you can observe them swimming by and playing, although I would have liked it more if it was a big bigger. There were also some nice marine aquariums to look at as well.
Posted on 8/9/2007 by Jasmine Poletson

Old Fish Market
The Pescheria Vecchia is the Old Fish Market and it dates back more than 250 years. The entrance is on the Piazza Cavour and although people don't sell their feel here nowadays, you can sometimes catch a pleasant little market and pick up some souvenirs. THe best bit for me was the courtyard, where I had a pint and sat outside, sunny myself. Lots of people were drinking and sitting on the old stone counters which were once part of the actual fish market. Quite a different use all this time on. It felt like a very authentic part of Italy and was by no means touristy at all.
Posted on 19/6/2007 by Zachary

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