Rimini Neighbourhoods, Locations and Districts

(Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Photo showing central piazzaRimini is a relatively small city, which is dominated by its mile upon mile of sandy beaches and seaside resorts. The resort of Rimini also has an interesting historic district, which is the location of many beautiful buildings and charming city squares.

Although many holiday makers come to Rimini to soak up the sun, sea and sand, it's well worth taking some time out to head into the historic centre. This neighbourhood is a great place in which to stroll, enjoy the atmosphere and do a spot of window shopping.

Picture of the Historic Centre

Historic Centre

The historic centre of Rimini is where most of the city's most interesting landmarks and ancient monuments can be found. Some of these date back as far as the Romans. This historic neighbourhood has two main streets, Corso d'Augusto and Corso Giovanni XXIII, and two main squares, Piazza Cavour and Piazza Tre Martiri.


Just a short distance from the historic centre of Rimini is the seaside resort of Bellariva. This popular beach district also offers plenty of shopping opportunities and entertainment, including many lively nightclubs and enticing bars.

Marino Centro picture

Marino Centro District

The Marina Centro is reputed to be one of the most beautiful marinas in the Mediterranean. This upmarket neighbourhood is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic stroll. As well as row upon row of luxury yachts, there are also bars and cafes in abundance, all offering great panoramic views. Although a relatively new arrival on the scene in Rimini, the Marino Centro district has quickly become the place to be seen and a popular venue for music and cultural events. This newly developed port area of Rimini has quickly become an especially trendy district. Luxury yachts line the marina, whilst on dry land this is the perfect place to linger over a coffee and enjoy the fantastic view.

View showing the San Giuliano district

San Giuliano District

A stroll around the medieval district of San Giuliano is enough to challenge anyone's sense of direction. This part of Rimini comprises a maze of narrow alleys and streets lined by small houses.

The murals that adorn many buildings in this neighbourhood are dedicated to the great film director, Fellini, and are the work of local artists. San Giuliano is the location of a popular street festival, 'Festa de Borg', held every other year.

Rivabella District

A short walk from the centre of Rimini brings visitors to the popular seaside district of Rivabella. The resort is particularly popular with families, thanks to its fine sandy beaches and child-friendly swimming. During the summer, there is plenty of local entertainment, including neighbourhood fêtes, dancing and beach sports all around the Rivabella area. There are also tennis courts, football and softball courts to keep even the most active holiday makers entertained. Rivabella also boasts a lively promenade with plenty of cafes, bars, ice cream parlours and restaurants.