Rimini Hotels and Accommodation

(Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Photo of beachfront hotelsAlthough Rimini mainly has a reputation as a destination for sun-seeking holiday makers, the city is also a popular destination for business travellers and tourists, with plenty of available accommodation to meet the demand. Rimini boasts some 1,500 hotels in total, so there's plenty to suit everyone. However, during the summer months, accommodation does fill up very quickly.

Prices for hotel rooms in Rimini can also rise steeply during July and August. To make sure you get the accommodation or lodging that best suits you, it's essential that you book well ahead.

Picture showing beachfront lodgingOn the other hand, many of the hotels in Rimini close completely during the winter, although some accommodation does remain open throughout the year, where rates are much more reasonably priced for out-of-season visitors. It's worth exploring half-board or full-board rates offered by some hotels, as these can often provide extremely good value for money.

Where to Stay

Accommodation in Rimini ranges from the most luxurious hotels featuring top-class facilities to more modest-style lodging. Rimini's best-known hotel is the Grand Hotel. This hotel was reputedly a source of inspiration for the Italian film director, Fellini. Today, this five-star hotel isn't short of a luxury or two, including a high level of service, swimming pool, beautiful gardens and an excellent standard of accommodation.

Image of popular city hotelThere are a large number of hotels in Rimini to suit those who are looking for lodging within the mid-budget range. In general, these hotels offer comfortable accommodation and, outside of the peak holiday period, are competitively priced. Many of Rimini's hotels are handily located within easy reach of the beach. It's worth noting that some hotels include breakfast in their rates, as well as free hire of bicycles, and a pass to the local beach. A number of popular hotels also have a private swimming pool, which is a useful feature if you feel like taking a day-off from the beach.

For budget travellers to Rimini, the HI-affiliated youth hostel is an excellent accommodation choice. Ideally located for the beach, guests can also enjoy great sea views from the hostel's terrace. Rimini also offers a wide choice of campsite accommodation, located on the outskirts of the city. As with hotels, though, it's worth booking in advance during the summer, to guarantee your pitch.