Attractions Nearby Rimini, Day Trips and Excursions

(Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Photo of central San MarinoWhilst there's plenty to keep visitors entertained in Rimini itself, there are a number of nearby seaside resorts and attractions that are worth exploring. As well as having beautiful sandy beaches and the usual seaside attractions, many of the resorts close to Rimini also offer other beautiful historic town centres and a good selection of shops.

Visitors may also like to head inland, where there's also a great deal to see and enjoy. One of the main attractions in the area around Rimini is the Republic of San Marino. Ravenna is also a popular destination, appealing particularly to history-lovers.

Different view of San Marino

San Marino

One of the main tourist attractions for visitors to Rimini is the Republic of San Marino, just 26 km / 16 miles away. This tiny independent state has its own currency, postage stamps and army. As well as the novelty factor in visiting the oldest republic in the world, there are a number of interesting landmarks and historical attractions, which can be easily viewed on foot by visitors.

Picture of central Cervia


Just 45 km / 28 miles from Rimini, Cervia isn't just another seaside resort, although it does boast a long, sandy beach. This ancient 'city of salt' has a history steeped in the tradition of making and selling salt. Attractions include a salt museum, a nature reserve created on the original salt pans, and some fine 17th-century buildings.


Inland from Rimini, the nearby tiny hilltop town of Satarcángelo has plenty of interesting attractions. Visitors can opt to stroll through its medieval streets, look round its ancient fortresses or even discover the mysteries of its manmade caves.

Photo of Ravenna


Along the coast from Rimini is the ancient town of Ravenna. With eight of its churches classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites, this is the perfect place for history-lovers to indulge in some sightseeing. Ravenna's most notable attractions include the Basilica di San Vitale, the town's Cathedral, Dante's Tomb and several museums.

Coastal image of Cattolica


The nearby town of Cattolica is built around a small bay and has retained much of its original charm as a fishing village. Even today, fishing remains very important for the townsfolk of Cattolica, with a deep-sea fishing competition staged every year. This small seaside resort has all the usual amusements and coastal attractions, as well as charming squares, where visitors can often enjoy summer entertainment, including music and dancing.

View of the endless beach parasols at Pesaro


Some 40 km / 25 miles from Rimini is the coastal town of Pesaro. Pesaro has a picturesque medieval centre, which is well worth a visit. Music-lovers will no doubt also be interested in visiting the house where the famous composer, Rossini was born. Pesaro's beaches remain ever-popular with sunbathers.