Rimini Restaurants and Dining

(Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Photo showing eateries in the city centreRimini is a great place to eat out and visitors can choose from literally hundreds of restaurants. Dining options range from small cafes, eateries and bars on the beachfront, to more upmarket restaurants located on the seafront and all around Rimini city centre.

Rimini also offers a wide variety of cuisine, including light snacks, pizza and pasta dishes. Both high quality, traditional Italian cuisine and some international favourites feature on many restaurant menus.

When to Eat / Opening Hours

Restaurants in Rimini tend to serve lunches between 12:00 and 15:00. In the evening, diners arrive from 19:30 onwards, with restaurants closing at 23:00 or later. It's worth noting that most Italians tend to eat lunch at 12:30 and dinner from 20:00.

As is the case in most Italian cities, Rimini is generally quite child-friendly when it comes to dining out at lunchtime. However, if families are planning to eat out in the evening, it's worth checking on restaurant policy, particularly if the venue is at the higher end of the market.

Picture of piazza cafes

What to Eat

Traditional dishes in Rimini include the humble 'piadina', a type of bread made using flour, water, salt and lard. It is usually served with cold meats or a soft cheese known as 'squacquerone'. Local pasta dishes also abound, usually involving tagliatelle or cappelletti, or the favourite of ravioli served with meat sauce or clams.

As you would expect from a seaside resort such as Rimini, fish appears on many restaurant menus, from grilled fish to seafood kebabs.

Where to Eat

Simple fast food and snacks can be found in street kiosks and in beachside eateries. These serve everything from burgers to seafood salads.

There is an abundance of seaside restaurants, particularly on the seafront in San Guilano, where you can sample the best of Italian seafood cuisine. Visitors are also well-catered for by the numerous dining venues that can be found along Viale Vespucci and in Piazzale Fellini.

If you're looking for somewhere to celebrate or enjoy a special meal in Rimini, the Borgo San Giuliano district is home to a number of top-class restaurants. During the summer, it's always worth booking ahead, particularly when dining out at the busiest times.

As well as staple Italian dishes, Rimini also boasts international cuisine, including Chinese and Japanese restaurants. Vegetarians will find that there are plenty of meals to choose from at the city's restaurants, including pizza, pasta, vegetables and cheese-based dishes.