Bologna Maps and Orientation

(Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Located in Northern Italy, Bologna is the capital of the affluent Emilia-Romagna region, being famed for its Bolognese cuisine, terracotta roofs and historic university. The historic core of the city remains well-preserved, contrasting with the outlying high-tech businesses and trade-fair venues.

Central Bologna is best explored on foot, with many of the principal attractions being within comfortable walking distance of each other. The main north / south thoroughfare is the Via dell'Indipendenza, which connects both the bus and railway stations. From here, you can walk to public plazas such as the Piazza Maggiore and the Piazza del Nettuno, where many splendid medieval buildings and Renaissance-style monuments reside.

Maps and Orientation of the City

A number of tourism outlets are located within central Bologna, such as the ArciGay il Cassero on the Via Don Minzoni. On the Piazza Maggiore are both the official tourist office and the Centro Servizi per i Turisti, where maps of the city and surrounding suburbs can be picked up.

Many of the following routes feature Italian roll tolls:

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Map of Bologna

Bologna map