Bologna Shopping and Markets / Mercato

(Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)

Bologna ShoppingBologna shopping is varied, with many small and interesting boutiques, together with larger chain stores. Most shops in Bologna tend to close on Thursday afternoons.

Fashion Shopping

Via Rizzoli and Via dell'Indipendenza are the main centres for fashion shopping in Bologna. There are also many chic outlets that can be found in Via Farini, including an arcade of top designer shops in Via Clavature and Via d'Azeglio.

Food Shopping

There are plenty of shops in Bologna that sell all sorts a dazzling array of delicacies and mouth-watering food, including certosino, a heavy loaf resembling fruitcake, an enormous selection of breads and pastries, meats, fish, freshly made soups, salads, vegetables, tasty cheeses, sweets and mouth-watering chocolate. In Piazza Maggiore, towards the Two Towers, there are some particularly good shops, with many selling wines and spirits as well. There is also an abundance of food to be found at Bologna's bustling food markets.

Bologna Shopping


Bologna has a wide range of markets, which are full of character, atmosphere and plenty of bargains.

Mercato Coperto
Address: Via Ugo Bassi 2, Bologna, Italy
This busy food market is a popular place to buy the some of the freshest produce in Bologna.
Open hours: daily, every morning

Orefici Market
Address: Via dei Orefici, Bologna, Italy
Another popular food market selling a wide-range of produce, including many delicacies.
Open hours: daily, every morning

La Piazzola
Address: Piazza VIII Agosto, Bologna, Italy
La Piazzola market sells clothes and almost every else besides.
Open hours: Friday and Saturday

Mamanca Market
Address: Via Valdonica, Bologna, Italy
Location in the old Ghetto area, Mamanca market is a good place to look for antiques, old lace and books.
Open hours: Thursday

Mercato di Antiquariato
Address: Piazza Santo Stefano, Bologna, Italy
The Mercato di Antiquariato is one of the largest antiques markets held in Bologna and is full of interesting items.
Open hours: second Sunday of the month