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Central Montagnola Park (Giardino della Montagnola)
Montagnola Park is lcoated directly north of central Bologna and is near to the railway station. The park is fairly high up and therefore features great views of the surrounding city itself. The park is often home to various flat markets, with lots of local fruit and veg for sale, along with lots of typical market tat, souvenirs and clothes.
Posted on 4/2/2008 by Gren Jennson

My Thoughts on the Two Towers of Bologna
The Two Towers (Le Due Torri) and definitely two of the city's best bits and have become nothing short of an iconic symbol of the city itself. In the 12th century, Bologna was apparently full of towers like these, which are the only two still standing. However, they are beginning to lean a little precariously. La Torre degli Asinelli is the tallest of the two towers and if you want to reach the views at the top, you will have a steep climb ahead of you - almost 500 steps in total. The towers are easy to spot and close to the Piazza Maggiore.
Posted on 6/8/2007 by James Holden

Bologna Library
You gotta go into the main library next to the statue of Neptune and see its glass floor. This modern library has a five-storey atrium topped by a glass roof. The main floor is glass so visitors can see the ancient foundations of buildings that stood on this site 2,000 years before Christ walked on the earth.

You can go down below the glass floor and see the ruins up close and personal...and you can occasionally look up and see mini-skirted coeds walking across the glass floor above you.
Yes, a very informative library indeed.
Posted on 11/9/2006 by Pat Brennan

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