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I love visiting my cousins in Quarto, Napoli. But the beaches this year were at there worst. Especially Lido de Licola. The sunbeds, cafe / restaurants and toilet / shower facilities were spotless, but the seashore was littered with sanitary and nappy products. It was disgusting and very unhygienic. They must have come down the sewers pipe. You should inform the locals not to put these products down the toilet.
Posted on 14/7/2010 by R Robinson

The Phlegraean Fields (or Campi Flegrei)
The Phlegraean Fields constitute an eight-square-mile area of volcanoes and craters that burgeon with archeological sights as well as geologic wonders. Best of all, most tourists swell into downtown Naples or Pompeii, so you'll feel like you're wandering with the natives here. You can roam the acropolis of Cuma, settled by the Greeks in the 8th century B.C., then drive down to Lake Averno where the entrance to Hades exists in the Grotto della Sibilla. From there, check out the three-terraced Baia Archeological Park, which used to be where wealthy Romans bathed, and then veer up to a cliff to the Baia Castle, purportedly once the summer villa of Julius Caesar. Solfatara is the volcano open to the public that still has sizzling mud lakes and belching steam vents. Finally, the town of Pozzuoli has the Flavian amphitheater, the temple of Serapide, and a bevy of fresh fish at the edge of its port. It can be explored in a day or in a week - for trekkers (try the underwater archeological park!) as well as for families.
Posted on 5/8/2009 by Barbara Zaragoza

I Went to the National Archaelogical Museum
The National Archaelogical Museum in Naples is a big museum, but the problem is that it is not very well organised, in my opinion anyway. I found it hard to find my way around as I didn't realise that you could purchase a guide, and i did not feel that the displays were as 'captivating' as they could have been with a little more imagination. However, perhaps I am being a little harsh and i did quite enjoy it, particularly the section about Pompeii.
Posted on 1/2/2008 by Elliot

Naples and the Duomo Cathedral
Naples Cathedral is very grand and is dedicated to the city's patron saint, San Gennaro. When we went inside I was immediately surprised by the amount of colour and vibrancy. I enjoyed exploring the chapels, such as the Capella dei Tesoro di San Gennaro (Chapel of the Treasure of St. Januarius). The Duomo was comissioned in the late 13th century by King Charles I and interestingly contains some mosaic creations from the 4th century.
Posted on 4/10/2007 by Anon

Naples Bay
The bay is a perhaps the ulimate backdrop that any city could possibly wish for, framed by Mount Vesuvius itself. The harbour always seemed to be buzzing and there were lots of ferries and boats coming and going. We were lucky enough to find a hotel with views of the Bay of Naples - it was wonderful waking up each morning and looking out of the window.
Posted on 6/7/2007 by Matt Roler

The History of Castel Sant Elmo
This historic forterss stands at the very top of a hill and is close to the Certosa di San Martino (former monastery). I had time to spare, so I decided to walk to the Castel Sant Elmo and navigated my way through the streets around the old Naples and the Piazza de Plebiscito - it really was much easier than I was expecting! Great views from the hill.
Posted on 30/11/2006 by Kim Kale

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