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Re: Ionian Islands
The modernity of the island sets it aside from other Greek islands that are rich in history and filled with old architecture, this is more cosmopolitan. However, it remains a great holiday spot and visitors can still explore the diverse mountainous landscape.
Posted on 01/3/2012 by Peirce Langdon

Ionian Islands
On a recent visit to the Ionian Islands I found myself lured in to the paradise that is Kefalonia Island. The island was destroyed by an Earth quake in 1953 so most of the buildings are modern, however this does not deter away from its charm and I still had a great trip with walks along the harbor and tasting some superior cuisine.
Posted on 01/2/2012 by Janet Pickering

Greek Volta
We stayed in Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, here we chilled on the beaches and basked in the Greek culture, with amazing food! A highlight was taking a Volta, an evening stroll as it is referred to here, great for people watching and marveling at landscapes of Rizopaston.
Posted on 28/9/2011 by Janey Regal

Beaches and Bays
The infamous Myrtos Bay, a tranquil expanse of lush seas and golden sands is one of the most frequented areas in Kefalonia and the reasons are evident. Head north of Argostoli to find it.
Posted on 25/10/2011 by Randy

Adventures Galore
There are many activities to do around here. Take an excursion suited to your own abilities and fitness levels. A popular one that we did was exploring sea caves on a Kayak, definitely recommended.
Posted on 25/10/2011 by June