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(Brno, South Moravia, Czech Republic)

Tram in the city centreThe public transportation network on offer in Brno is surprisingly good and consists of more than 20 trams and trolleybuses, along with around 50 different bus routes, all of which are maintained by the city's Integrated Transport System (IDS). Using the public transport is always a cheap way to travel around Brno, although if you are intending to explore travel outside of the city itself and see more of Moravia, both rental cars and trains are amongst the best options.

Tickets can be purchased from the bright yellow vending machines available at the bus stations, although many visitors find that the three-day transport passes provide the best value for money. However, for sheer convenience, some people do prefer to travel by taxi for short distances.

Picture of plane landing at Turany Airport (BRQ)

Turany Airport (BRQ) / Arriving by Air

Currently around 400,000 passengers are transported on planes flying to and from Brno Turany Airport, which is located a mere 7.5 km / 5 miles to the south-east of the railway station and off the Krenová. Taxis are a popular way to travel to and from Turany Airport, although buses are much cheaper and the bus route number 76 links the railway station itself and runs roughly twice hourly, between 04:30 and midnight. Ryanair is one of the main airlines based here and flies to London on a daily basis, while flights to Moscow are provided by Atlant Soyuz Airlines and Prague is connected by CSA Czech Airlines.

Driving around the city centre

Car Rental

Renting a car is a sensible way to travel around Brno and this mode of transport is especially suitable for those wishing to head outside and explore Moravia. A number of highways link Brno with many prominent cities and towns around the Czech Republic, with both Ostrava and Prague being connected by the D1 Highway and Bratislava (Slovakia) easy to reach, off the D2 Highway.

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Close-up picture of tram in the city centre

Buses and Coaches

Tel: +420 543 163 493 / 542 424 242
There are two main bus / coach companies operating in Brno, with both the Student Agency and Tourbus providing a cheap way to travel to Prague (two hours and 30 minutes), along with other notable Czech locations, including Kromeriz (one hour and 15 minutes), Stráznice (one hour and 45 minutes), Telc (two hours), Trencin (three hours) and Znojmo (one hour). Buses travelling to Prague depart from Benesova, which is located on the northern side of the railway station and near to the Grand Hotel. Many popular European districts are also connected to Brno by Tourbus transport, such as Aachen, Dresden and also Vienna. City buses also provide a cheap and easy way to travel around Brno and the main suburbs.

Photo of the Train Station


Tel: +420 541 171 111
The city's railway station is a major transport hub in the Czech Republic and features regular express trains, which travel to Prague in just over three hours, along with many additional destinations within Moravia itself. These include Blansko (20 minutes), Breclav (40 minutes), Jihlava (two hours), Ostrava (two hours and 30 minutes), Prerov (one hour and 45 minutes), Trebic (one hour and 30 minutes), Veseli nad Moravoun (one hour and 45 minutes), and Zd'ár nad Sázavou (one hour). International express train transport also travels from Brno and those wishing to reserve sleepers can do so at the CD Centrum office, next to the entrance of the train station itself, near to the Námesti Svobody.