Brno Restaurants and Dining

(Brno, South Moravia, Czech Republic)

Picture of al fresco dining in Brno Town SquareDrinking is as important in Brno as dining out and although the city is home to plenty of restaurants and similar eateries, these are outnumbered by pubs, bars and clubs. Many of the best restaurants in Brno are dotted around the city centre and those looking to sample a spot of traditional Czech and Moravian cuisine will be able to enjoy endless boiled dumplings (knedliky), sirloin steaks (svickova) and cabbage dishes, often similar to sauerkraut.

Regional Czech cheese will likely form part of your meal when dining out in Brno restaurants and is regularly served deep-fried in breadcrumbs, washed down with Starobrno beer or kofola (soft drink). Sweets are often prepared using seasonal fruit and either wrapped in pastry or potato dough, such as fruit dumplings, known locally as 'ovocné knedlíky'.

Picture of cafes overlooked by the Brno cathedral

Where to Eat

Some of the best restaurants in Brno are to be found along the Dominikánské Námesti, where you can enjoy a hearty meal and more than 40 different varieties of tea at the Chajovna, and a drink at the neighbouring Livingstone pub, which celebrates the life of the renowned missionary and explorer David Livingstone.

Vegetarians in Brno will find that the Rebio Restaurant along the Orli is hard to beat, as is the African-themed Africana, while for dishes almost overflowing with meat, the historic Spalicek on the Zelny is hard to beat, being located next to the famous cabbage market. Further restaurants in Brno lie along stretches such as the Kudelova, the Mecová, the Slovanske Námesti, and the Solnici.