Attractions Nearby Brno, Day Trips and Excursions

(Brno, South Moravia, Czech Republic)

Picture of the reflecting Telc skylineOutside of Brno are many quality Czech attractions, which are close by and perfect for exploring during a day trip or longer excursion. Some of the most popular and closest attractions to Brno include the towns of Blansko, Telc and Vyskov, and also the cities of Olomouc, Ostrava and Prostejov.

No trip to the Czech Republic can really be thought complete without first visiting its proud capital of Prague. At 205 km / 127 miles north-west of Brno, Prague is just about close enough for a day trip if you are prepared for an early start, although more suited to a short break, allowing visitors to properly explore its endless historical attractions. Brno is even close to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, and also the Austrian capital of Vienna.

Aerial photo of the town of Telc


Although the Czech town of Telc may be fairly small in size, its attractions have meant that it has become nothing short of a leading tourist hotspot. This delightful town is surrounded by a series of medieval ponds and contains an especially attractive town square, which is edged by rather ornate 16th-century houses. Telc is just 98 km / 61 miles from Brno and is best visited towards the end of July, when the town becomes its most lively during its Prázdniny v Telci folk music festival.

Photo of architecture in central Blansko


A small town with a population of just over 20,000 residents, Blansko lies some 31 km / 19 miles to the north of Brno. Blansko is known to date back more than 900 years and is home to an appealing hilltop chateau and an interesting small museum, which is located along the Zámek and is the town's main attraction. Other interesting sights surround the main square of Námesti Svobody, on the north-eastern side of the railway station.

Picture showing Olomouc city centre


The university city of Olomouc straddles the Morava River and stands approximately 83 km / 52 miles to the north-east of Brno. Many attractions reside within Olomouc, such as its town hall (radnice), Holy Trinity Column, and the Church of the Annunciation of St. Mary, which presides over the Dolni Námesti, along with the Marian Plague Column (Mariánsky Morovy Sloup). Also worth looking out for is the Olomouc Museum of Art, the Regional History Museum, the Archbishop's Palace and St. Wenceslas Cathedral, which was consecrated as long ago as 1131.

View of square in central Ostrava


A large city with a population exceeding 300,000 people, Ostrava is located around 181 km / 112 miles to the north-east of Brno and can be reached in just over two hours. Ostrava is the third-biggest city in the whole of the Czech Republic and is known for being a particularly dynamic city, with a rich industrial heritage and nominated to join the Unesco World Heritage List. The former Town Hall is now home to the Ostrava Museum, where an ancient statue and many archaeological treasures await. Families will always enjoy a trip to the Ostrava Puppet Theatre along the Pivovarská, or to the highly acclaimed Coal Mining Museum at Pod Landekem.

Picture of Charles Bridge in Prague (Praha)

Prague (Praha)

Famed for its world-class beer and skyline filled with church spires, Prague is a fascinating and appealing city, with riverside parks, countless beer gardens and many jazz and rock clubs. Prague is perhaps most famous for its castle (Prazsky Hrad), which can be reached along the Charles Bridge and is reputed to be the biggest ancient castle in existence. Visitors from Brno should not miss the attractions within Prague Castle, which are best visited first thing in the morning, before the crowds arrive.

Picture of Prostejov


A prominent city just 65 km / 40 miles to the north-east of Brno, Prostejov has a population of roughly 50,000 inhabitants and dates back around 800 years, when its very first castle was constructed. The remains of Prostejov Castle are amongst the main attractions here and located off the Pernstynské Námesti. One striking building worth searching out is the Cathedral of the Ascension of the Holy Cross, while the city's theatre is also known for its Art Nouveau architecture and housed within the Národni Dum building.


Situated alongside the Haná River and suitable for those with an interest in folk museums, Vyskov is extremely close to Brno and can be reached in no more than 45 minutes, lying a mere 39 km / 24 miles to the east. Vyskov's oldest building is the Gothic-style Archbishop's Chateau (Arcibiskupsky Zámek). Be sure to look out for the neighbouring Brett's Hole Irish Pub, where you can enjoy a huge selection of Czech beer and whisky.