Bruges Restaurants and Dining

(Bruges, West Flanders, Belgium)

Photo of al fresco dining on the Grote MarktAll kinds of dining options present themselves to visitors staying in Bruges and range from friendly tavernas (estaminets) to upmarket restaurants with great views. Belgian / Flemish fare has never been more popular in Europe and this is celebrated in Bruges, with a number of restaurants choosing to specialise in the local cuisine and offering menus with many simple meat and seafood dishes.

However, if you decide that you have eaten enough mussels, shrimps, rabbit and prunes (konijn met pruimen), mashed potato (stoemp) and French fries, then Bruges is today home to numerous other choices, which come in the guise of international eateries, Italian-style restaurants, fast-food outlets and even Chinese takeaways. You will certainly not go hungry in Belgium, and many serious foodies do consider that dining out in Bruges is really second-only the Brussels for choice and quality.

Riverside dining with a view

Where to Eat

Although there are plenty of restaurants to go round in Bruges, they are by no means cheap and dining out can prove expensive. Although many eateries are crying out for your attention around the Grote Markt, offering al fresco dining, these by no mean reflect the best that Bruges has to offer and target tourists, meaning that an evening meal is not usually value for money. However, two restaurants on the Grote Markt stand out from the crowd, the Huyze Dia Maene and the Sint Joris.

Bear this in mind and stay away from many of the most obvious touristy restaurants in Bruges, instead choosing a venue close by, along a neighbouring street. Evening dining tends to start from 18:00 onwards and good choices can be found along the Braambergstraat, Ezelstraat, Hooistraat, Langestraat and Steenhouwersdijk. Cellar restaurants in Bruges are always worth looking out for and offer a lively, friendly atmosphere, particularly those around the Oude Burg. Be sure to also check out the pubs along the Kemelstraat.