Bruges Events and Festivals 2014 / 2015

(Bruges, West Flanders, Belgium)

Photo of crowds in the Grote Markt squareFor the very latest information about festivals and things to do in Bruges, there are two entertainment publications worth looking out for. These are the 'Bruges around the Clock' pamphlet and also 'Exit', both of which are completely free on charge and include handy events listings and detail some of the best pubs, bars and nightclubs.

One of the biggest and most famous of all the events that take place each year in the city is the Brugge Chocolate Festival (Choco-Laté), which is held in April and celebrates everything to do with Belgian chocolate. A variety of other springtime festivals are held around April, including a number of prominent Easter services at both St. Anne's Church and St. Giles Church, as the weather starts to warm up and tourists once again begin to arrive in their droves.

Another photo of the Grote Markt squareOther extremely notable events to look out for on the annual Bruges calendar include the Cinema Novo Film Festival, the Comma Rocks Festival, the European Youth Film Festival of Flanders, Jonge Snaken Festival, September Jazz and also December Dance.

For something quite different, those visiting Bruges during the winter months will be in for a treat, since the highly celebrated Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival takes place at this time of the year, from November through to January, and features some truly spectacular ice sculptures created by a large team of professional sculptors and artists, displayed within a chilled exhibition hall.

Bruges National Public Holidays